ART Mandai

The point is, art never stopped a war and never got anybody a job. That was never its function. Art cannot change events. But it can change people. It can affect people so that they are changed… because people are changed by art – enriched, ennobled, encouraged – they then act in a way that may affect the course of events… by the way they vote, they behave, the way they think.
— Leonard Bernstein

Art Mandai started with the intention of bringing Art to Public.

Every 26th January, on Republic day, participating artists meet at the iconic Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai (Market) in Pune. Starting with Jhanda Vandan (Flag hoisting) at the Tilak Putla (statue), artists set up their art stalls, sitting among the vegetable vendors in mandai/market.

We believe that one connects with art as one owns it. As art is expensive, participating artists specially create work to be sold at a very reasonable price of not more than Rs 1000.

50% of the sale proceeds go for a cause.

We believe that the purpose of art is to give joy. Via this event, we strive to connect people to art, enriching their lives in our own unique way.