MERAWALLA  BLUE “ curated for Pune Biennale 2017’   brought fun element  to the Gallery. Twenty artists, engaging seriously,  deep within ,  displayed their  reflections inpaintings, sculptures, ceramics , installation andperformances, to enticetheart enthusiasts.

Merawala Blue is the choice artist made, "Blue" as color or their concept. 

Emphasis is on MERAWALLA (mine in hindi), defining, me,  mine or myself.

Freeing from any earlier symbolism or associations with Blue, artists freed themselves

to interpret ‘BLUE”  in their way .

IMG_20170106_142340043 (1).jpg


“ MerawallaBLUE “ curated for Pune Biennale 2017’  brought Fun element to the Gallery. 20 artists engaging  deep within themselves  displayed their reflections in paintings, sculptures, ceramics , installation and performances, to entice the  art enthusiasts